COVID-19 death rate lowered to about double that of flu

The COVID-19 death rate  was lowered recently  by  the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  to  about double that of flu.    The lowered death rate for the virus is vastly   lower from the initial 2+ million that were estimated to die from COVID-19. Currently, 5.4 MILLION have contracted it and 348 thousand have died world wide. 

A thought:  We don’t  close the  entire USA economy because of the flu (which kills between 30-60 THOUSAND a year)  and, had  the CDC and public officials known  the correct numbers,  we would not have closed the entire USA  economy over a death rate  double the flu.

Given what we know now — that  COVID-19 has a double the flu rate — what stops or slows the  re-opening up fully and quickly?

Politics?     Democrats are looking  ahead to  the USA  2020 elections.  Back of their minds:  How can the Democrats get votes by blaming Trump?

Remember, the original numbers  estimating COVID-19 deaths were based on computer models.    The real numbers that suggest a death rate similar  to flu  are based on data of actual deaths.

The same Democrat run states —  including California  and New  York –that are loudest in demanding a USA  federal rescue have hurt themselves  the most with long, strict lockdowns and tax spend policies.

Blue states run by Democrats  reopen slower.  They represent about 1/3 of the economy.  About 2/3 in New York and New Jersey  half of leisure and hospitality jobs in CA disappeared between Feb. and April compared to  43% in Florida.

Is this a political tactic?   People dependent upon the government  for groceries and rent are more likely to vote Democrat in the 2020 elections.

Some churches in CA have pushed back and the Gov. has changed course.   CA Gov. Newsom  relaxed rules which will allow churches in CA  re-open with strict rules.  Various CA  churches  have sued  Newsom and planned to open by  May 31, Pentecost Sunday.

So what to do when out in public?    Wash hands and social distance.  Those changes  seem sensible.

Wearing masks seems problematic.  Taking in clean air is a lot harder to do with a mask on.     Persons with breathing difficulties  will have even  more difficulties.   The USA has lots of children with asthma issues.   Turning one’s head  and covering one’s mouth are easier to do  and these were practices taught eons ago.  Those practices  could be resurrected.

Don’t forget where the COVID-19 virus came from:  China.  Chinese officials and politicians  locked down China and protected their country   from the virus and at the same time they  loosed the virus on the world. Now over 190 countries have dead citizens because of Chinese policies.

Will China be held  accountable? If we can’t change China we can change our policies.  Let’s make sure our medicines are made in the USA and not in China.

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Half of COVID-19 deaths in CA are in nursing homes directed by Newsom to accept persons testing positive for virus

Govenor Newsom  — like  New York —  moves persons with the coronavirus  into  CA  nursing care facilites.

On March 30th, Governor Newsom’s administration warned skilled nursing facilities that they “shall not refuse to admit or readmit a resident based on their status as a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.”

“California’s directive is nothing less than a death sentence for countless residents,” warned Patricia McGinnis, executive director of California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform.

Half of California’s deaths, or 1,276, have occurred in nursing homes, though not all are the SNFs that were ordered to accept coronavirus patients.

Whitmer, Cuomo, Wolf, and Newsom have been widely praised by the media, even though their disastrous policies likely led to the deaths of thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes.

There were states that got it right, protecting senior citizens by barring the transfer of coronavirus patients to nursing homes, requiring negative tests before a transfer, and creating separate facilities.

New scientific data why CA must open schools & businesses now for health of all CA residents

flu kills similiar to COVID 19

Flu kills and we don’t lock up healthy people  in their homes to prevent flu.  Numbers support that COVID-19 kills very few people.   Millions infected and few die.

Now — not in weeks or months hence — CA must open the schools and businesses and do so for the overall  health and  general well being of all Ca residents and  citizens.    Social distancing and sheltering at home reduce people’s immune system and result in many  harmful secondary effects. So says Dr. Erickson of Kern County, CA.

You Tube has taken down the video by Dr. Erickson.   It is available on AIR.TV.  Below is what YouTube would allow posted.

Ask hard questions of your County Health officers.   How many people  have you  tested? How many positive for COVID-19?   What is the death rate?  Is the death rate similar to that of flu?  Why impose draconian measures for COVID-19 which has a similar death rate as flu?     Is this county seeing more domestic violence, more child abuse, more suicide?  Why is it OK to go to COSCO and mingle and not able to go to a pizza parlor or to church?     Why  does this county in CA lock up healthy people which reduces their   immune system and destroys their livelihoods?

Never before has USA locked the healthy in their homes and now is the  time to stop says Dr. Erickson, Kern County  California  MD who tests the majority of persons in  Kern County for Corona virus.

It’s time now  to open the schools, small businesses and put people who test negative back to work. Yes, test people.  And there is the capacity  in CA to test as many as need it.  Finger stick tests can give near immediate results.  Look at what Kern County has done.  All CA can do likewise.

Secondary effects — people not going to their  doctors because of fear contracting COVID-19  and  thereby not caring for serious medical conditions, child abuse, domestic abuse and suicide are all spiking.    These secondary effects   will harm society in ways that will affect many people’s lives for years to come.

Dr.Erickson’s conclusions:  COVID-19 similar to the common flu  infects  thousand  but  kills relatively few.      Repeat:   thousands are infected  from Corona virus from the virus but few die.   Every year 35- 60 thousand die from flu every year in the USA.   Yet we don’t lock healthy people in their home to prevent them from getting flu.

Dr. Erickson’s clinics test the majority of persons tested in Kern County, CA.

Dr. Erickson says that it’s time for healthy people to stop ‘sheltering in place’  and stop wearing masks as these measures  reduce the body’s  immune system. By touching hand to face and mouth people routinely take in bacteria which the body responds to and  over time these actions strengthen the overall  immune system.  People who clean all home surfaces and wear masks outside are reducing the ability of the body to take in bacteria and strengthen their immune systems.

What about the “expert” Dr. Fauchi who predicted millions would die based on his theoretical models?   Dr. Fauchi, an academic, and has not seen a real patient in  20 years.  Dr. Fauchi’s models are theoretical models — not  based on actual  hard data.    Now we have the data.   And the data says clearly it’s time now  to open the schools and open small businesses. Let people who test negative to go back to work.  Let those without symptoms go back to work.  Yes, those with underlying medical conditions especially respiratory ones  many need to wear masks and gloves.  Not the general public.

Kern County data:   Dr. Erickson tested 5,213 with 313 positive for COVID-19.   6.5% of the population tested.  These numbers are similar to flu:  widespread infection and few deaths. 

In California, there have been 280K tested of a population of 35 million with a 12% positive rate.  In CA the possibility of dying from the virus is 0.03.  97% of persons in CA recover without any long term problems.   Kern County CA  has a 6.5 percent and CA has a 12.5 percent rate of infection.

As the prevalence rate goes u the death rate gets smaller and smaller.  Millions cases and a small number of deaths is the overall pattern.  

Dr. Erickson examined the hard numbers for New York state, Spain, Norway and Sweden.  The same pattern prevailed.   In New York state, 39% of those tested were positive for COVID-19 with a 92% recovery rate and a 0.1% chance of dying.   In Spain — which is #2 in the race for most cases — 940,000 were tested with a 22% rate of positive infections, with a o.05 death rate.  Sweden did not lock down and Norway did.  They had similar patterns.

written by Cameron Jackson

Why do three times as many people die in USA states run by Democrats than Republicans?

Chronovirus.   Life or death depends on which USA state you live in ?  That’s what the  ‘data’ suggest.

So  what does it matter if  you live in a a  ‘red’ Republican USA state compared with  a ‘blue’ Democrat state?   Data suggests that where you live will affect whether you live or die from the chronovirus.

You are three times more likely to die from chronovirus if you live in a USA state run by Democrats than if you live in a USA state run by Republicans.  That is what the data say.  Why?

Coronavirus Deaths: The Most Predictive Factor

China exported chronovirus to 190+ countries & now makes money exporting low quality masks

China  exported  the chronovirus from a lab  to 190+ counties. Now China  makes money exporting low quality masks  to the USA.   A double whammy.

From the Wall Street Journal May 4, 2020:   U.S. regulators and state officials are finding a significant number of imported N95-style masks fall short of certification standards, complicating the response to the coronavirus crisis and potentially putting some front-line workers at greater risk.

Recent tests by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that about 60% of 67 different types of imported masks tested allowed in more tiny particles in at least one sample than U.S. standards normally permit.

The standard — keeping out 95% of particles — not met:   One mask that Niosh tested, sold in packaging bearing unauthorized Food and Drug Administration logos, filtered out as little as 35% of particles. Another, marked KN95, a Chinese standard similar to N95, had one sample test below 15%, far short of the 95% it advertised, Niosh said. KN95 and N95 both refer to standards that call for masks to block 95% of very small particles.

Ear loop issue:   Another issue identified by Niosh: Most of the samples it tested used ear loops to secure them to the head, while all Niosh-approved masks have headbands to ensure a tighter fit. A tight fit is important to keep out tiny droplets that may contain the coronavirus, especially because N95s are typically used by health-care workers facing direct exposure.

Subpar MasksA federal lab recently tested 67 types ofimported masks claiming to meet U.S. orinternational standards and filter out 95% ofsmall particles. Many fell well short.Count of masks, by share of particles filteredSource: National Personal Protective TestingLaboratoryNote: Tests were performed on 10 masks for each brand or lot. Most of the masks had non-NIOSHapproved ear-loop designs. Percentages refer tominimum filter efficiency.

The FDA, in an emergency move in response to the pandemic, has allowed the import and use of N95-style masks that are certified under some foreign standards including China’s. Many of these foreign masks are allowed to use ear loops

Lawrence General Hospital in Massachusetts said it had distributed part of a batch of Chinese-made masks using ear loops from its stock, before seeing a Niosh alert that the masks weren’t up to the American N95 standard their label suggested.

Lynn Risacher, a nurse at the hospital, said she and about three-quarters of the 40 colleagues in her unit had worn the masks at some point over the previous three weeks. “We weren’t protected,” she said.

By April 24, four days after Ms. Risacher wore the faulty mask, she said she felt exhausted, experiencing shortness of breath, a dry cough and aches. She tested negative for the coronavirus but believes the test may have generated a false negative. Ms. Risacher said she self-quarantined and hasn’t gotten tested again.

The hospital said in a statement that it distributed 400 of the suspect masks from 7,000 in its stock, and has stepped up procedures to confirm medical gear is properly certified. The hospital said it obtained them from a distributor and from a donation.

The masks distributed at Lawrence General carried the logo for Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., according to hospital staff. The firm has Niosh approvals to make more than 30 genuine N95 models.

An opened box of protective masks at nonprofit Direct Relief’s distribution center in Santa Barbara, Calif.


But at least some of the masks distributed at the hospital weren’t true N95s because they used loops hooked around the ears.

It couldn’t be determined if the masks were actually made by Dasheng, which didn’t respond to calls and emails seeking comment.

Direct Relief, a California nonprofit that distributes medical supplies, also received a recent shipment of masks that bore Dasheng’s name, an N95 stamp and ear loops. Direct Relief sent them back.

Niosh said it is investigating reports of unauthorized masks bearing Dasheng’s logo. According to Niosh, Dasheng said ear-loop masks with N95 labels and its logo are counterfeits. Niosh said it has received reports from customers who said they have purchased ear-loop masks directly from Dasheng.

Officials in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts and Missouri said they found many imported masks failed quality tests, too.

Massachusetts recently warned police and fire departments that some Chinese-made masks distributed by the state had performed well below par in tests conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“My concern is that an increased number of firefighters, EMTs and paramedics that I represent are going to get sick,” said Richard MacKinnon Jr., president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts union.

Gregory Rutledge, an MIT professor, said his lab tested more than 40 masks in the Massachusetts stockpile that claimed to be made to China’s KN95 standard. He found only a third performed comparably to certified N95s, while another quarter or so were fairly close.

Direct Relief, a California nonprofit, received masks with ear loops, labeled N95, but approved N95 masks have a more secure face seal from bands that go around the head.


“There are some good masks out there, but not all are as advertised,” Prof. Rutledge said.

Niosh and Prof. Rutledge have both tested Dasheng-marked masks with ear loops. Both found that the filtering material performed comparably to genuine N95 masks, though they aren’t N95-certified.

Simpler masks, including surgical masks and cotton masks for the general public, use ear-loop designs.

Federal officials recently seized a big shipment of masks with ear loops at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport that Delaware importer Indutex USA ordered from a company in China. Indutex USA, which said 500,000 masks had been seized, said it had orders from nursing homes, a children’s hospital and a police department.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said it detained the masks in part to ensure they met safety standards. Their packaging said the masks were Niosh-approved N95s, according to documents shared by Indutex USA for review by The Wall Street Journal.

Niosh tested two batches of masks with the same packaging as the Indutex USA order. It found that the masks filtered between 83% and 91% of particles, used ear loops and weren’t Niosh-approved.

George Gianforcaro, Indutex USA president, said the masks weren’t intended to be medical grade and were certified as meeting Niosh standards by a Chinese testing firm. He said that if the Niosh test is confirmed, he would like to return the masks to the factory.

“I’ve never sold anything that failed,” he said.

Another batch of masks that Niosh tested recently was sent to the agency by Josh Perry of Port Charlotte, Fla. He said he is in the water-filter business but jumped into the protective-equipment market when the pandemic hit. He said he paid $700 including shipping for 500 masks from China. The masks were marked KN95 but also “Not Medical Mask.”

Niosh found the masks filtered as little as 33% of particles, well below the 95% standard.

“That one was pretty bad,” Mr. Perry said.

He said he destroyed the shipment and is awaiting testing on a new batch he thinks are higher quality.

Write to Austen Hufford at and Mark Maremont at

Do what we need to do — shelter in place for weeks as Gov. Newsom says?

Gov. Newsom says it will be weeks before he modifies CA’s mandatory stay-at-home order.   Government has to do “what we need to do” before relaxing the order. says Newsom.

That’s an awfully nebulous  standard for a CA  Gov.  to use to make decisions that affect 40 million citizens.

Some entities   have pushed back. Police chiefs in Modoc and Humboldt  Counties refuse to enforce CA  Gov. Newsom’s order to close beaches.

Trinity Covenant Church  in Aptos, CA    starts real services  Sunday,May 3 – including celebration of  the Body and Blood of Christ  – in their parking lot instead of their auditorium    Church elders  talked   through issues with  local government officials about their decision.

What do we really  need to do right now?     In my view, we need to  grow  the  economy and socialize  as a society as we largely did.

Remember: The overwhelming evidence   suggests   that the people most susceptible to the virus are the elderly with preexisting medical conditions.   So why target everyone else for confinement?   Because “we need to do it” says Gov. Newsom.

Gov. Newsom’s policy to continue sheltering in place for many more weeks  harms  40 million people in CA.  His policy promotes dependence on government.     Does  Newsom  want more people fleeing CA for a place in some state  where they can have a business rather than rely on welfare?  Over 1/3 of all persons on welfare already reside in CA.   Roughly 13.3% of CA residents live in poverty.

And, why did  CA Gov.  Newsom buy all those masks from China  –whose politicians exported chronovirus to 192 countries?

People have the right to petition their government  for redress of grievances — on the beach and in the public square. The “experts” were and are wrong about number of supposed deaths in USA (2 million was estimate originally). Businesses have seen their livlihoods  collapse as  their income turn to zero.

CA hospitals are relatively empty and the back up places for additional hospital care are being put to other uses in Santa Cruz, CA.  Across the USA hospitals are closing  and   going broke as they have not been able to do elective surguries and their beds are largely empty.

It’s time now  that the  health care “experts” (Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx)   took a back seat to “what to do now” to open up the economy and let people lead lives as close to normal as possible.

What say you?   write



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China did the dirty deeds leading to chronavirus pandemic

chronavirus  becomes  a pandemic because of  actions of the  Chinese  government

 China  not  God  “terrorizes … mocks science … and tests our stamina.”

 Stephen Kessler writing 4/1/2020 in the Santa Cruz Sentinel Opinion page  wonders  why  God permits the  coronavirus pandemic   when it was  man’s actions – specific actions  by China – that did the dirty deeds.

China   permits  ‘wet markets’ & thus the spread  of the  virus  from bats or pangolins to humans.    China’s  suppression of information about the virus and manipulation of the World Health Organization are well documented. Listen daily  to Trump’s  fume on that topic.  Or read the WSJ  4/11/2020.     It was the Chinese  government  not the  Chinese people who brought  this scrooge  on humanity.  That CA gets so many visitors from China and Asia may be one  silver lining to the pandemic.   It appears that   CA  got inoculated early on in Dec. and hence  CA’s much lower rates of infection.  Thus, say ‘thanks….’  to the next Asian American you meet!

written by Cameron Jackson    4/11/2020

coronavirus killed by drug that treats parasitic infections — invermectin

coronavirus killed by drug used for lice in lab setting

A drug ivermectin  commonly used to treat lice  and widely available  kills  coronavirus in lab setting.  Experts warn, do not self medicate.

April 7, 2020 — An inexpensive drug used to treat parasitic infections killed the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in less than 48 hours in a laboratory setting, Australian researchers say.
The drug, ivermectin, has been used widely used for decades. It was introduced as a veterinary drug in the 1970s. It is available variously.  
Doctors also prescribe it to treat head lice, scabies, and other infections caused by parasites.According to a report published online in the journal Antiviral Research, the drug quickly prevented replication of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The study has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, although it is not yet a “definitive” version of record.Researchers infected cells with SARS-CoV-2, then exposed them to ivermectin. “We showed that a single dose of ivermectin could kill COVID-19 in a petri dish within 48 hours, indicating potent antiviral activity,” says study co-author David Jans, PhD, a professor of biochemistry and m0 in Melbourne.Even at 24 hours, “there was a really significant reduction” in the virus, study leader Kylie Wagstaff, PhD, a senior research fellow in biochemistry and molecular biology at Monash University, said in a statement.But experts say more testing is needed to know if it works well in people and if it’s safe to use.

‘No One Should Try to Self-Medicate’

“The main way we think ivermectin works is to target a key molecule of our cells that we think helps the virus to proliferate,” Jans says. “By stopping this, the virus replicates more slowly, and so our immune system has a better chance to mount the antiviral response and kill the virus.” Giving this or any antiviral drug early is thought to give the body the best chance of beating infection, he says.

In other studies, the researchers say, the drug has been shown to work against dengue fever and to limit infections similar to COVID-19, such as the West Nile virus.

The drug is “safe at relatively high doses, widely available, and relatively cheap, too,” Jans says. The next step is more research to find the best dose for fighting COVID-19. Then researchers can begin testing in people, he says. “It is important to stress that no one should try to self-medicate with versions of ivermectin that are for veterinary purposes or head lice.” The only safe way to get ivermectin is by prescription from a doctor, he says.



how long would it take Trump to sign every social security check?

How long would it take Trump  to sign every social security check?

Joe Biden bizarrely believes that President Donald Trump was holding-up virus relief checks to “put his signature on a physical


“No American should have to wait a single minute so Donald Trump can put his signature on a physical check,” said Biden.

Joe Biden: “No American should have to wait a single minute so Donald Trump can put his signature on a physical check.”

— The Hill (@thehill) April 3, 2020

Someone really needs to let Joe Biden give this whole thing up already.

He’s struggling so hard to be relevant from his basement and it’s just not working.

Every time the media covers him there, he offers up another gaffe and more evidence that he’s not the right person for the job.

Today’s entry was more than a bit bizarre. For some reason, he seemed to believe that virus relief checks going out to help people whether the crisis was being held up because the president wanted to put his signature on physical checks. That is straight-up nuts.

What’s even more bizarre was he was actually reading it.

Most checks would be direct deposited. But no, Trump isn’t physically signing any of them. If he really believes that, there’s a big problem. No one is holding up checks but getting money out to all Americans can’t be done in a day.


Firenze Sage:   Biden  is a product of public schools I guess.